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I find myself glued to my phone, my mind is filling up with endless nonsense and constant non informative adverts or videos. Maybe this is just a sign of the times we live in. I miss the real stories the real human connections, not just the fleeting likes and throw away comments of a post. I figure that a blog style post is a real way to get my musings out into the wild. Touch on things that really float my boat, make me feel alive or just give me that fuzzy feeling of togetherness.


I paired up with a buddy to bring to you ‘About a Bro’ initially a space for bros to come together and re-enact that feeling of brotherhood/ Comradery you had when you were younger or maybe you’re still having (enjoy it while you can, these things don’t last forever). It is not designed to be just for the lads but it is designed to provide interesting content which can be lapped up by everyone with no drama. 


From the get-go I am a child of the 80s, I love nostalgia a bit too much, having recently bought an Old Skool Mega Drive which is boss for the record. I love the style of the 80s gaming genre, I love the Old Skool music, art, culture and want to drown myself in content which isn’t dripped in modern day BS.


About a Bro will develop but predominantly it is for the bros by the bros (and dudettes of course). I didn’t want to make a personal blog because although I do have the odd interesting story to tell, I feel that if we have regular contributors it will keep us all interested. Look out for our cool contributors from all over your social media.


Bloggers, Grammers even TikTokkers who you look up to, will bring us their current vibes, trends or just general thoughts.


With regards content, it really is down to what we are interested in. We are not out to please but more out to entertain. I don’t believe in bringing other people down, I am also not a fan of negativity and frankly would be happy to avoid key news stories which are seen as controversial. However, I love a good conspiracy theory and debate, so expect to see that content here.

To sum up ‘ABOUT a BRO’ it’s a place you can come to have a laugh, feel at home with people of a similar mindset. Picture your Friday night pre club, drinking your carryout just before you head out. If you have ever said that that is the best part of the night, then this is the place for you.



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