They don’t make them like they used to: Introduction

Like They Used To

I am a child of the 80’s. Like early 80’s. Like almost 70’s early 80’s. And with that comes the rose-tinted lenses of nostalgia for pop culture, film and television from that era.

This was a time of pushing new ideas; creating some of the most iconic movies and characters, content that stands the test of time.

80s style comic books and records

However, with such ripe pickings, this makes the 80s the perfect era to plunder. The 80s spawned numerous TV shows and movies which have been rebooted, revisited and retooled over the past decade or more. Some have been successful, either critically or commercially, many more have flopped and failed and rightfully been forgotten.

In this series, I want to explore this phenomenon and review some of the then & now versions and seeing if somethings are best left untouched.

80s nostalgia, back to the future delorean

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